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I'm a Senior Software Engineer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love working across the stack on high-impact products that delight users and make the world a bit better.

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Many of my code contributions end up in open source projects. Check out my GitHub profile for the latest and see what I've been thinking about: https://github.com/jshoe

Below are some of the projects I worked on in my academic years. Click the images or titles to see details.


i-Nventory is a mobile and smartwatch app that uses NFC technology to scan and track personal belongings.

Busy Buses

Busy Buses is an iOS application for bus stop time predictions and audio alerts, supporting 63 national transit agencies.

Alexa Bus Times

Alexa Bus Times is an Amazon Echo / Alexa Voice Service version of the bus alerts app, built using Amazon Web Services Lambda and the RestBus API.

Course Question Bank

CS 169 semester project to create a real-world platform for managing academic exam questions, with multiple choice, categorization, and archival features.


Dailies is a todo list manager and activity logger optimized for task-collection on multiple devices with fast categorization features.


ThumbType is a minimalist iOS keyboard designed for easy and effortless one-handed replies with frequently used chat words and phrases.


ExciteWatch is a smartwatch app for recording and sharing spontaneous moments on social media throughout the day.


Railstory lets users interact in a role-playing, turn-based fighting game with unique battle dynamics and character traits.


TaskCLI is a command line todo manager with natural language and keyword features for efficient input.


FitAlerts keeps users aware of fitness stats and useful info throughout the day, such as the time until sunset, progress towards step goals, and near end-of-day alerts.

(Click here for even more random projects hosted on GitHub...)


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